Thank you for considering a gift membership. This digest revels in the in-between, the transitional, the presence of absence. My camera with its dials and knobs and sharp focus has taken me into the blur of things. Because something can't be measured it doesn't mean that it isn't there.

If you think somebody would benefit from and enjoy full membership to the digest - a gift membership is a great way to introduce them to a year of my camper-van-camino.

Gift memberships will be sent to the recipient via email with a Christmas graphic and a message from you.

All gift memberships will be sent on Christmas Eve unless otherwise requested.

  1. Christmas gift membership is for a 12 month membership.
  2. 12 month gift memberships are currently available for the Vestibule and the Parlour tiers.
  3. Click the relevant button below to purchase your gift membership. There are no recurring fees - memberships will cease 12 months after the first sign in of your gift recipient.
  4. You will receive instructions once you have purchased a gift membership.

Not sure which tier to choose? Check out the chart below:

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