What is your "camper-van-camino"?

My travels feel like a pilgrimage - revealing remarkable insights into places that have inspired me and changed the way I think and feel.

This Digest is a protest and an antidote, and my photography is another way of telling. It says that these things matter, that they contribute to the quality of our lives, our wellbeing and our identity. It tells us that there are many nuanced layers to the past and to us, as human beings. In a fast changing world this digest focuses on slow time, refinement, relevancy, and ultimately continuity.

I have a home-base in the north of England and travel out from there on lengthy photo projects in the British Isles. I'm a professional architectural photographer and link my travel around the commissoned shoots.

I work all year round

My camper van gets me into places at times that I wouldn’t normally be able to access. I can now stay over on sites to monitor the local conditions and light levels throughout a full 24 hours.

From Breakdown to New Vocation: My Genius Loci Digest Journey
In the late 1990’s I had a breakdown that ultimately led me, through a journey that took me away from depression, to a new career in photography.

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