I've been working on building a membership programme that provides an imaginitive mix of immersive content that springs directly from and enhances the Genius Loci Digest.

Members are updated with member only content via the Genius Loci Digest and an ocassional Mid-Week-Pick-Me-Up.

Depending upon which tier is chosen, some members also recieve an exclusive Patina Edition digest (with excerpts from the draft of my book) on a monthly basis.

Members are free to explore the depth of the digest site after signing in at any time. There are hundreds of posts available.

Above: immersive content includes access to virtual reality. Drag around to take a look.  

Depending upon which tier is chosen, benefits include:

  • access to hundreds of member only posts already online
  • enhanced Genius Loci Digest content
  • exclusive behind the scenes access to my travels in Woody
  • immersive content including virtual reality and augmented reality,
  • exclusive videography
  • access to the draft version of my book: 'A Singular Point of Light'
  • Member powered photography for sites in need
  • free digital downloads
  • exclusive access and interaction to live road trips
  • place writing posts
  • Twitter circle membership
  • Exclusive Monthly Patina Edition
  • and much, much more.