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Jennifer Hammel

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About Me:

About the Genius Loci Digest
For over twenty years I’ve been seeking out alternative stories in our surviving material culture and sharing them with my photographs and words.

Here's all the Genius Loci Digests ever written:

genius loci digest - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
This digest revels in the in-between, the transitional, the presence of absence. My camera with its dials and knobs and sharp focus has taken me into the blur of things. It has taught me that because things can’t be measured it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. The spirit of things, the essence of our places is as real as my shutter button.

A Year in the Life of my Camper-Van-Camino:

a year in the life - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
A Year in the life of an architectural photographer in his time-travelling camper van. Start reading from the bottom of this page.

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Member Powered Photography: Can You Help Me Achieve My Goal?
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The Cast Room - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
⛫ Welcome to my virtual Cast Room. On my travels, I’ve been creating augmented reality casts of things that appeal to me. The Cast Room is inspired by John Ruskin’s Venetian casts and the Cast Courts of the V&A, London, which house a vast selection of casts taken of great works of art all over the globe. Members Only.
virtual reality - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
Almost as good as being there…
video - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
A growing collection of videos to supplement the digest

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