As many members know, I suffer a kind of anxiety about memberships - but the warm words and support I've received over the last 12 months has been inspirational. Somebody recently sent me some comforting words from Helen Keller:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Like many others, my photography business was hugely impacted by Covid and the more recent cost of living crisis.

My weekly Genius Loci Digest has helped keep me on the road

My Digest revels in the in-between, the transitional, the presence of absence. My camera with its dials and knobs and sharp focus has taken me into the blur of things.

The Digest is powered by Memberships. Membership also helps power free photography for sites in need.

Opening our eyes and developing new ways of seeing with our historic environment, not only helps with wellbeing, it also helps tease out counter-narratives to our polarised world and initiates hope for the future.

Membership support has been vital in keeping me on the road, especially during the autumn and winter months.

My first goal is to reach 100 members.

(We're currently at 88 🤗 )

100 members would trigger the first shift in my career plan, notching up another gear towards spending more time on seeking out, photographing and writing about places that have a deep impact and meaning.

100 members would also underpin the future of the Genius Loci Digest and open up another spot for free Member Powered Photography to a site in need.

I do understand how difficult times are*, but, if you're able to help me achieve my goal there's more information about membership here:

*I still have free memberships available for those that can't afford it. Please make contact here.

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In essence I’m offering my professional services for free to historic locations in Britain.

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