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I'm an architectural photographer and I travel the length and breadth of the UK in my time-travelling camper van. I call it my 'camper-van-camino' and share the wisdom of the places I visit in photography and words.

Photography has changed my life. I became a photographer after having a breakdown in my 30's.

(Our built heritage and history has also impacted me in a profound way)

Like many others, my photography career was hugely impacted by Covid and the more recent cost of living crisis.

My weekly Genius Loci Digest has helped keep me on the road.

1800 subscribers and counting...

Members make a monthly contribution* and get access to a whole host of benefits.

*For as little as £2pm

Membership also helps power free pro-photography for sites in need.

Membership support has been vital in keeping me on the road, especially during the autumn and winter months.

I do understand how difficult times are*, but, if you're able to help there's more info about membership here (including the benefits):

*I still have free memberships available for those that can't afford it. Please make contact here.

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In essence I’m offering my professional services for free to historic locations in Britain.

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