I know that some of the digest members live remotely, or abroad and can't access our historic material culture in the British Isles.

Soon, I'll be introducing a new way of experiencing our material culture - in your very own living room.

It is quite an unnerving experience: having a C15th perpendicular font lodged on top of your coffee table. It's fully accessible - can be sketched, viewed and painted from every angle - all from your sofa. You do feel, at times, that you can reach out and touch it.

"You do feel, at times, that you can reach out and touch it."

As long as you have a recent phone or tablet - you should be able to access the Augmented Reality files that I produce on this site.


I haven't added the Augmented Reality links yet - but they're coming soon for members in the Parlour, Piano Nobile and Palazzo tiers. In the meantime below is the C15th perpendicular font from Bloxham in Oxfordshire for you to have a look around. Click and move it around and you can also zoom in to see it.

Of course, there's nothing beats being there - and if you have the opportunity, St. Mary's at Bloxham is a remarkable building full of historic charm.

WELCOME - St Mary’s Church
St Mary’s Church in Bloxham, Oxfordshire, is the historic parish church for the village of Bloxham.