"You are the 21st century version of a wandering minstrel except you tell stories by image not song."

Will (Subscriber)

Your unique depiction of British heritage through photo journalism is like nothing I see elsewhere. Off the beaten track is where it truly lies. Well done.

Judith (Subscriber)

Andy Marshall produces a wonderful weekly digest that enables me to travel vicariously in my mind, a love letter to vernacular architecture with oriel windows, door latches, railings, gateways, fanlights, dormer windows, and all those little architectural quirks that make our cities, towns, villages, buildings and landscape so rich in variety and materials.

Rob Allison (Member)

"I subscribe to Andy's newsletter and each week it's a beautiful compilation of his visits to villages and venues that are filled with photographs and thoughts."

The Unvirtuous Abbey

"It's a brilliant email. I'm including the latest one in my weekly Five Good Things email if that's okay? I love how you notice the details - we can all learn from that."

Charlie Budd

Cleanse your timeline: “Between the fungi and the fallen tree, I can’t find where the beginning begins or the end ends. Indeed in this liminal place there is no beginning and there is no end.” @fotofacade lyrical, Garneresque about time and landscape. Read it and be uplifted.

Nick Swarbrick

And thank you so much, for the keen lens and thoughtful pen you combine so effectively. As long as we can see, and think, there is hope…


A weekly treat that lifts my spirits way above the depths of the worst on Twitter, is the newsletter from @fotofacade

Vanessa Gregory

Inspired by your work, in January I’m starting a photography course to be able to make better use of my iPhone, and bring fresh impetus to my painting, but even more so to my seeing. Thank you!

Pauline (Subscriber)

I am so thankful that YOU hear the whispers of the past and show them to us...we hear you!!!

Jini (Member)

Have long delighted in [Andy Marshall's] work, his photo stories, in particular, a delicious respite in these uncertain times.

Jennifer Hammel

"You talk more often about the relationship between the maker in the past and the viewer of today and how they still have contact over time. Apparently the distance in time or in space doesn't matter that much, if you look the right way."

Peter (Subscriber)

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