Gloucester Cathedral is a delight. It has grown organically around the circulatory needs of pilgrimage and much of that plan form (unusually) has survived. It was a cold couple of days - so was thankful to have the van as a base in the cathedral close.

Taken from my diary: 'Every now and then architecture transcends its utilitarian role and speaks to us in a myriad of ways, but I’ve rarely experienced anything as potent as this piece of carving at Gloucester Cathedral. The tragic fall of a medieval builder (watched in horror by the master mason) echoes through time and crashes through the thin veil of the present.'

Needs must: the skeletal bones of the cathedral on show at the chapel of St. Andrew

The Gloucester Candlestick

This is a 3D printed replica of the original candlestick that is now held at the V&A. The original is a remarkable survival of English Romanesque metalwork and the replica is a remarkable reminder of how we can use science to enhance our experience of our material culture.

Chapel to showcase the Romanesque Gloucester Candlestick

The Stonemasons Yard

📸 I've been lucky enough to photograph a few stone mason's yards - in York, Lichfield, Hardwick and Gloucester. They all know each other, you know...

Maquette for a gargoyle on Gloucester Cathedral
The final piece in situ.
Form follows function.

I can imagine archaeologists finding this pinnacle in a few thousand years and scratching their heads over the meaning of the inscription on the base.

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