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Image Of The Week

Sunset at Ripon Cathedral.

I was at Ripon on Thursday photographing the Holy Spirit Chapel. Took this photo of the sunset at Ripon Cathedral a few weeks back.

On My Photo Stories Site

The Holy Host by Andy Marshall

I've only seen this phenomenon a few times in my career, but when it happens - it's the most life enhancing experience... (dispels oodles of disenchantment).

From The Shop

The Glory Of Wells Digital Print Large – Photo Wellness

The Glory Of Wells Digital Print Large – Photo Wellness

I can't quite explain why this image is so popular - it's the light, it's the architecture - it's the right time and right place. Photo serotonin.

Fractal Digital Prints – Photo Wellness

Fractal Digital Prints – Photo Wellness

Fractals are nature’s building blocks and for that reason they have visual currency which translates into feelings of comfort and wellbeing. The fractal prints are skilfully and painstakingly created directly from photographs of real world places.

Wells Light Refinery Digital Print- View it in your own home.

Wells Light Refinery Digital Print- View it in your own home.

Now view the Wells Light Refinery Digital Print in VR in your own home. On your mobile device: click the link and view the second image. Click "View in your own space."

From The Blog

Simple Pleasures | Sideclick

I’m heading out on a Sunday again. The weather forecast might give me an opportunity to photograph St. Michael’s Tremain (Ceredigion, south west Wales) in a reasonable light – but only first thing Monday morning.

The Burgeoning Light | Sideclick

Monday 16 August I wake up worried. Other than a patch of sky I can see through the side window, it’s dark inside the van. It doesn’t augur well. I don’t usually work in these conditions, but the forecast (as it is prone to do) has changed from sunny intervals to mostly cloudy. I’m staying […]


Headed down to Wales at the start of the week. Pulled in at a lovely spot for a brew in the Cambrian Mountains. Just beyond the hill, behind the van (see pic below) is the source of the river Wye.

Parked up for a brew.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Pocket Map: The Perfect Guide to Explore This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

🚐 A huge shout out for these Collin's pocket maps. They're pocketable and bang full of information. I have this one pinned to the ceiling of my van. I've collected all of the National Park maps - useful, handy and better than squinting at a map on your device.

Sunset from the van

The pic above is of the side window of the van. The shelf is slowly filling up with bits of stuff I've collated from my travels.

  • The bird is from Dinghams Cookshop in Salisbury. It reminds me of one of my favourite poems by Thomas Hardy - 'blast-beruffled plume'.
  • The cyclist is from Snow Home in York - Tour de France - maillot jaune.
  • The camera is my little click about Canon G7X
  • The fluorescent stars help me find stuff at night when the lights are off.
Post production in the van this week, outside Ripon Cathedral

On My Coffee Table

The Light Ages: A Medieval Journey of Discovery

📚Counterpoint to the traditional view of medieval times.

They gave us the first universities, the first eyeglasses and the first mechanical clocks as medieval thinkers sought to understand the world around them, from the passing of the seasons to the stars in the sky. In this book, we walk the path of medieval science with a real-life guide, a fourteenth-century monk named John of Westwyk - inventor, astrologer, crusader - who was educated in England's grandest monastery and exiled to a clifftop priory.

In the City: Drawings by Nigel Peake : Peake, Nigel: Books

📚I just love leafing through this book. Nigel Peake's drawings are so abstract and yet so connected. A visual journey through architectural themes such as Surface, Place, Fragment, Path and Change.

In the City: Drawings by Nigel Peake : Peake, Nigel: Books

WARTIME WRITINGS: Poetry anthology: Pullan, Matthew.

📚 Matthew's raw exposition of a world war that feels increasingly beyond our generation provides a powerful metaphor for his own battle with cancer.

The Beaches of Wales: The complete guide to every beach and cove around the Welsh coastline

📚I use this book all the time - there's nothing like knowing where the nearest beach is. There's an invisible tether between a beach and me. Love to head over after the tripod is folded back into the van. Make an egg banjo butty, pour a hot flask of coffee and head down to the beach to watch the sun set.

Surrounded on three sides by water, Wales has hundreds of beaches to choose from. The Beaches of Wales by Alistair Hare is the first guide to every named beach and cove around the Welsh coastline.

From The Charo's

Medieval Civilisation: Jaques Le Goff.

I didn't actually get this book in a charo. I bought it in Lucius books in Micklegate  (£19.95)- so it's a bit of a cheat.

Photographing the historic environment brought me to the realisation that those that came before us thought differently to us. Their world view was strikingly different and as I once heard Jonathan Foyle say in a zoom lecture - to understand a cathedral, you have to get 'the medieval eye'.

Well this book gave me 'the medieval eye'. Love the chapter entitled: The Framework of Time and Space.


Aberporth Beach Cardigan Bay | Cardigan Bay

Aberporth Beach Cardigan Bay | Cardigan Bay

🚐 Found this in the Beaches of Wales book. Parked the van up here last Sunday. The car park is right next to the beach. Perfect little spot for surfing and paddle boarding.


🚐 Ripon Cathedral is a real hidden gem. This week I photographed the Holy Spirit Chapel it was designed by Leslie Durbin, who was commissioned to design the rear of the first pound coins and the Stalingrad Sword that was presented to Stalin by Churchill at the end of the Second World War.


🚐 Appleton’s  in Ripon has the best pork pies in the country.

St. Agnes House,High St. Agnesgate, Ripon #shotonIphone

Looks to be medieval core with Victorian front. Has written on the purlin in the roof: "Abraham Smith 1693". Grade II* listed.


On Tenterhooks

On Tenterhooks

British textile artist Anna Ray and winner of the Brookfield Properties Crafts Council Collection Award 2021 will present a selection of her works in a free exhibition from 21 June until 1 October 2021 at two of Brookfield Properties’ sites - 99 Bishopsgate and Aldgate Tower in the City of London.

Inverness Castle Pre-Works Visit |

8 Sep. This is a unique chance to take part in a tour of this fascinating group of buildings before major conservation and development works start.

Burrs Live - Visit Manchester

27 Aug- 5 Sep. The inaugural Burrs Live – By The Met will be bringing a festival atmosphere to Burrs Country Park this summer with two weeks of live music, community events, family fun.


This Lens Kit Turns Your Room Into a Right-Side-Up Camera Obscura | PetaPixel

📸Want one!

This new lens kit projects the typically inverted camera obscura phenomenon upright for more creative opportunities.

Paris Diaries : Hotel Henriette - Only Deco Love

Paris Diaries : Hotel Henriette - Only Deco Love

📸 Just gorgeous shots of Parisian interiors.

Bikes, boats and Betjeman: a car-free break in Wadebridge, Cornwall | Cornwall holidays | The Guardian

While Padstow and Rock heave with cars, a three-generation stay further up the River Camel manages to keep everyone happy


BBC Radio 4 Extra - The Moth Radio Hour

🚐 Listen to this in the van: true stories told live in the USA

Starlight - song by Yola | Spotify

Starlight - song by Yola | Spotify

📷Guilty pleasure: Listen to Starlight on Spotify. Yola · Song · 2021.

And Finally...

Andy Marshall on Twitter:

Andy Marshall on Twitter:

“At @riponcathedral today. Here’s a shout out for the small but significant features that tell the story of a building”