For over twenty years I've been seeking out alternative stories in our surviving material culture and sharing them with my photographs and words.

It took a difficult period in my life to find a pathway through photography that helped me discover genius loci -the spirit of place and the deeply moving stories behind the 'so-called' mundane material culture on our doorstep.

John Ruskin said: 'There is No Wealth but Life.'

What I had to do was find and explore new ways of seeing it.

Once I did, I never felt alone.

Cultivating alternative ways of experiencing the world has completely changed my life; it helped me overcome anxiety and depression, opened up a world of possibility and led me to a new career in photography.

The Genius Loci Digests are the culmination of my journey - view them all here:

genius loci digest - Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest
This digest revels in the in-between, the transitional, the presence of absence. My camera with its dials and knobs and sharp focus has taken me into the blur of things. It has taught me that because things can’t be measured it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. The spirit of things, the essence of our places is as real as my shutter button.