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I'm on a journey that has taken me away from the darkness of breakdown and depression into a realm of places that harbour stories that help me understand myself and find hope in the world around me. I share my experiences via the Genius Loci Digest.


Wisdom sits in places, and the buildings that survive from the past serve as the mouthpiece of history. In this Digest, I share stories about these places and my encounters with them.

This Digest helps keep the past alive as a memory bank.

With my camera, I seek out their whispers captured in the material record. 

The material record is our inheritance, it is saturated with meaning, and it still has lessons to teach us.

After suffering difficult times in my life, I have sought out and found, through my lens, answers in the locations that I have visited. There is hope.

Hope for our communities and hope for those that suffer from mental health challenges.

There are ways of engaging with the world, new ways of seeing and adjusting perspectives, finding the sublime in the mundane, that have helped me manage and overcome anxiety.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: How I Overcame Breakdown and Depression through the Creative Arts.
Overcoming breakdown and depression through the creative arts

Some have told me that they read every one of my posts and others have said that they like to β€˜keep it around them’ to dip into for inspiration or renewal.

Ultimately, through my travels and stories, the Digest aims to provide insights, offering respite and balance, building resilience, fostering appreciation, and unveiling new ways to see and engage with our world.

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About the Genius Loci Digest
For over twenty years I’ve been seeking out alternative stories in our surviving material culture and sharing them with my photographs and words.
From Breakdown to New Vocation: My Genius Loci Digest Journey
In the late 1990’s I had a breakdown that ultimately led me, through a journey that took me away from depression, to a new career in photography. But what was the spark that ignited my journey?
What Others Are Saying
β€œYou are the 21st century version of a wandering minstrel except you tell stories by image not song.”

"You are the 21st century version of a wandering minstrel except you tell stories by image not song."

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