Breakdown and Depression

In the late 1990's I had a breakdown that ultimately led me, through a journey that took me away from depression, to a new career in photography. 

From Darkness To Light - How I Overcame Difficult Times

What made the grit of the dark days worthwhile was a little pearl of insight that helped me move forward- a new way of seeing and interacting with things - more sensual, emotive and visual. My lens was the divining rod.

It started on an anxiety ridden day where photography helped me lift the veil of depression. Follow my story here:

The First Camera
For those moments, something miraculous had happened. During the action required to take a photograph, I had let go of my anxious self. From that day onwards, the veil of depression lifted. Photographing the priory had released me from my mental prison.

Finding New Ways of Seeing

No matter how stuck or overwhelming life might be, there are numerous alternative perspectives that have the power to unburden us. Changing the way we observe and connect with our environment can be transformative, foster resilience, and help bring about positive outcomes. Here are some of my posts that discuss new ways of seeing:

Andy Marshall’s Genius Loci Digest: 5 April 2024
In the hope that they help others unburden and renew as much as they have for me it gives me the greatest pleasure to present - in the spirit of Hokusai - my Thirty Six Views of Beverley Minster.
☀️ Eustace Collection: Pie and Pudding People
We must cherish and protect these places as if our lives were etched upon it.
☀️ Eustace Collection: People Like Us
Churches remind us of how normal people like us relentlessly hacked, carved, forged, daubed, etched and wove our way out of the unremitting labyrinth of threats to the human condition.
☀️ Eustace Collection: The Face
There is a face peeping out from behind the flaking limewash.

'Sometimes it takes an artist, or a series of photographs…or a singular work of art to distil a complex series of emotions into a singular revelation that leads to unburdening and renewal.' says Laura Cummings...

'Seeing is everything. Looking is everything...If I had no more speech, hearing or movement, I would still have the active life of looking; and the luxury of its replay in my dreams at night. The insatiable longing is constantly and miraculously fulfilled; pure joy, total gratitude. And art increases this looking, gives you other eyes to see with, other ways of seeing, other visions of existence. 

Art and artists enlarge our world.'

Laura Cumming. Thunderclap

Mental Health and the Historic Environment

I'm convinced that our historic environment, heritage and material culture has the potential to impact our mental health positively. Find out more here:

Mental Health and the Historic Environment
You are not on your own, and I list the posts below as much as to share my experiences rather than as a panacea. We’re all in this together, especially in these uncertain times.

My Journey Continues..

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