I have to admit, it was a labour of love.

I've seen and bought door prints for my collection - but there was always something missing: light. Every door and every detail on this print was taken in the best light conditions of a particular day - mostly in the raking sunshine - each door has been curated for visual impact.

The doors represent over 500 years of architectural history and design. It has taken over 300 hours of travel, photography and post production to produce. It highlights a vast selection of doors, photographed in the UK.


" It has taken over 300 hours of travel, photography and post production to produce."

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" ...each door has been curated for visual impact."

Why are doors so intriguing?


In his book ‘The Ongoing Moment’, Geoff Dyer notes the preponderance of photographs of doors. He talks of: “The symbolic tradition of the doorway…as a boundary between life and death.”

Most of my door photos show them tightly shut. By setting them side by side in a matrix of sorts, my intention is to reveal the diversity of human enterprise.

The Door Print can be printed up to poster size

My photographs of open doors, hint at their revelatory nature, where the door as a subject ‘is always fixed by the possibility of further revelation of deeper levels of initiation and access.’

Whether doors are closed or shut, images of doors become doors themselves; portals into further exploration of the human condition.

For photographer Paul Strand, windows and doors especially, take on the ‘character of human living.’ Another photographer, Francesca Woodman, used doors in her photography to explore notions of re-birth, passage and obstruction.

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