It was a remarkable shop

A place for chicken mesh, power tools and premium paraffin.

When I arrived the labrynthine shelves of the ironmongers’ world had gone.

They had been dismantled, with great sorrow, by the third generation to have lovingly looked after the shop and its customers.

free of such absent treasures another world existed

Such things that witnessed the vast span between the birth of the motor car and birth control - have survived

And beyond the rack and counter a fire burned bright…

It drew me in

a room hardly touched

A conduit to the past

Where the history of domestic light was written upon the walls…

…augmented by the charm of the mundane and the allure of the functional

the sound of movement behind

alerted me to what else might be beyond

up the stairs the avante-garde adorned the walls

What are these photos about?

in a room so old:

Art Nouveau endured.

What are these photos about?

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