The Minster at Beverley is one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings in England
My lofty ambition to see the ancient roof revealed magical things…
I found the circle of life in the roof of the Early English transept
Segmented glass quarries with secrets to reveal

Charles Hopper

Plumber, May 22 1750
Such people have been practising their ancient craft for centuries….
Leaving their mark for all to see. Like footprints in the sand…


in the space above the crossing, they still do it to this day
The timbers in the roof are gnarled and ancient.
Look closer and you can still see the mark of the adze


this is how

What are these photos about?

With the creak of the rope…

before your eyes..

…the roof boss lifts like the lid off a jam jar…


its gilded leaves is a vision below from the giddy heights

What are these photos about?