I decide to walk into Cambridge from the Botanic Gardens and on the way I grab a coffee and Danish at Cambridge Oven. As I walk along Hills road towards Cambridge, a purple box crashes down from above the Tesco Express in front of me.

It’s a box of Kellogg’s Fruit and Fibre. It’s landed face down with a strapline that says: β€œSo long misery guts, hello happy guts!”

β€œIt’s a message from the other side” I think.

β€œSo long misery guts, hello happy guts!”

Then I compose myself. I’m thinking that maybe it was students high jinks, chucking it out of the apartment window above Tesco. I compare it to my student shenanigans long ago; especially the occasion where (in an attempt to avoid my room-mate biting it) I backward lobbed a sausage roll on the Stafford to Manchester Express, only to surprise a standing passenger as it slapped him on the the nape.

Back in Cambridge, the windows on the upper floors are all fast shut. Then I notice some movement on a ledge above the shop frontage - a head pops out and eyes me up.

It’s a crow.

It’s watching the box anxiously. The crafty corvid has hoisted the cereal box up onto the ledge and then dropped it in an attempt to break open the Fruit and Fibre. I stop and think about it for a moment and wax lyrical about this exceptional act of nature amidst the bland corporate facade.

I text Char and tell her what I’ve just seen.

A few seconds later I get a response: β€œMust be constipated.” she says.

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