25 November 2022


The Greggs Baguette.

I'm feeling really tired. My visit to Lincoln is only half way through my journey south, and I think I've overdosed on the light play on the facades of old Lincoln Town. I get a bit obsessed with the textures and patterns - the way that the personality of a place can change in an instant with the light. There's no time to rest when the sun might disappear from a particularly delightful window ledge in an instant.

I know that I've overdone it when I find a half crushed cheese baguette sticking precariously out of my back trouser pocket. I bought it at Greggs, but before I can eat it, I spot a lane that has an enticing curve. Intrigued,I follow my instincts and come across a kind of textured heaven.

I spot a lane with an enticing curve.

An hour later, feeling a little famished, I seek out somewhere to sit and rest. My thoughts come back around to the baguette and my mind (perhaps eager to continue on my light quest) convinces me that I've eaten the baguette. I find a welcoming step within the arc of the cathedral. I sit down, and feel the baguette in my back pocket.

After eating my baguette, I recognise where I am: at the Judgement Porch of the cathedral. It feels more like a sanctuary than a place of judgement - it becomes a listening space, a place that contributes to my frame of mind, that enables me to find focus.

"Ands, I say to myself - you're overdoing it. It's time to find a quiet overnight spot in the camper and rest."

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