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The Genius Loci Digest is posted out every week and follows my travels and discoveries in my camper van in the British Isles.

An Anxiety of Memberships

Setting up a Membership community has been one of the most difficult things I’ve done because every fibre of my being whispers that I am unworthy and incapable.

But the sublime pleasure of sharing my discoveries with others, and knowing (through the responses I’ve had) that my words have made a positive impact on people’s lives is simply indescribable.

Overcoming Adversity.

The landscape for specialist photographers has undergone profound changes.

Despite setbacks from Covid-19 and the Cost of Living Crisis, I managed to overcome the stark realities of the present by forging alternative ways of finding an income that fosters wellbeing, connection, growth, and community.

Memberships provide a financial lifeline. In return, I give my absolute best to my subscribers. Your support helps keep the weekly Genius Loci Digest free and public-facing.

Membership Benefits

Members are a warm and connected community, often engaging with and sharing insights in my journey.

Member Powered Photography

Your membership grants you access to exclusive content and supports my travels in Woody, the camper van, enabling me to share discoveries and offer Member-Powered Photography: free photography services for historic and cultural sites.

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My Journey Continues..

I'm on a journey that has taken me away from the darkness of breakdown and depression into a realm of places that harbour stories that help me understand myself and find hope in the world around me. I share my experiences via the Genius Loci Digest.

This Digest helps keep the past alive as a memory bank. Many of the answers can be found in the wisdom that sits in places, because buildings that survive from the past are the mouthpiece of history. In this Digest I tell stories about them and my encounters with them.

In these places I have found hope. Hope for our communities and hope for those that suffer from mental health challenges. There are ways of engaging with the world, new ways of seeing and adjusting perspectives, finding the sublime in the mundane, that have helped me manage and overcome anxiety.

Some have told me that they read every one of my posts and others have said that they like to β€˜keep it around them’ to dip into for inspiration or renewal.

Ultimately, through my travels and stories, the Digest aims to provide insights, offering respite and balance, building resilience, fostering appreciation, and unveiling new ways to see and engage with our world.

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Camper-van-camino and Culture

This is more than a journey in a camper van.

Our culture isn’t a sterile tick-box entity; in its most powerful form, it deepens our understanding of our world, helps provide a counterbalance to discord, helps us feel rooted, and can, at times, awe us into new directions and perspectives.

Wellbeing and Mental Health - Empowerment through Photography, Writing, Art, Architecture and Heritage.

I am the living embodiment of how the arts can help overcome difficulty and help engage others. It includes how changing the way we observe and connect with our environment can be transformative, foster resilience, and help bring about positive outcomes.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: How I Overcame Breakdown and Depression through the Creative Arts.
Overcoming breakdown and depression through the creative arts

Photography and the Arts - A Fresh Perspective

A fresh perspective on the power of photography and the arts and how it can help tell us more about ourselves as individuals and as a society.

Respite and Counterpoint.

Somebody kindly said that my work was a respite in these modern times. One thing that I focus on is enabling the long view and providing counter-narratives to polarisation, engaging diverse communities through the lens of our built environment.

Travel and Discovery

They say that you should get to know one place and get to know it well. My travels are largely in the UK and focus on hidden gems and remarkable stories that are trapped within the fabric of our buildings like a fly in amber.

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