Wow, Andy, my mind is blown and I'm close to tears. That is extraordinary and utterly beautiful. I'm so glad that you had that experience, and gladder still you were able to document it while having it and found words to share it. Thank you, for such a profound and articulate photo essay. You are brilliant!
We cannot recommend this photo essay by the incomparable @fotofacade highly enough. It encapsulates the magic of a historic building in Andy's singular style and joy.
We love this thoughtful and moving piece. Historic buildings are magic (as well as science!) and you've brought that beautifully to life here. Thank. you for showing us the joy of light and shadow, time and space.

More words about 'Revelation'.

Some wonderful insights into how church art might have been meant to be seen in the days before electrickery.
That's a mesmerising and beautiful story, Andy. Very powerful.

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'Unruly Orb'

Just love this story of photography: the endeavour of and capturing the sunrise with Beverley Minster, East Yorkshire, providing a wonderful setting. You really need to see this. Andy Marshall's work is so inspiring.

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Link to: Unruly Orb

'How many times?'

This man has inspired my photography so much. This story is a great example of seeing things in a different light.

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'The Light Refinery'

Fantastic evocation of Wells Cathedral's architectural beauty

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'Mark but this fly'

He's quite bonkers you know, but gloriously so. I'll never look at old iron graveyard railings the same way again.

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Angel's With Dirty Faces

Have long delighted in [Andy Marshall's] work, his photo stories, in particular, a delicious respite in these uncertain times. This one's particularly heavenly.

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Link to: Angels With Dirty Faces

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